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By booking our service you acknowledge, understand and agree to our Terms and Conditions which will be subject to periodic updates.

You agree to complete the required paperwork, including the Owner's consent and Owner and Pet Information forms, required for us to provide the best care and comply with Buckinghamshire Council Chiltern District's license, and our public liability insurance. 



You agree that your dog can be walked both on and off the lead in places we consider pose no danger to them, other dogs or people.

You agree that your dog can be transported by car for dog walking and days out. 

Necessary vet treatment 

You agree that in the event of your dog requiring urgent medical attention we may take it to the Veterinarian practise with which you are registered, or a practise that we are registered with. In this event, you agree to cover all associated costs. If we have to pay the vets, you agree to refund us promptly within 2 working days. If we cannot reach you, and the vet requires a treatment decision, you agree for us to act on your behalf in your dog's best interest.

You confirm that your dog is vaccinated against INTRAC Kennel Cough, Canine Distemper, Infectious Canine Hepatitis, and Leptospirosis.

You confirm that you hold up to date dog insurance. You agree to pay for any damage caused by your dog to our property whether or not your dog's pet insurance covers this.

You agree to inform us of any illness or infection that your dog has been suffering from, or if your dog is due to come into season. Dogs that are in season are not accepted, and dogs that are still intact are also not accepted. You confirm that your dog is not aggressive towards other dogs. 

Covid precautions 

You agree to tell us if you or a family member has experienced Covid symptoms or been diagnosed within 14 days of a booking with the Dog House so that we can consider if the booking is safe to proceed. If the booking has to be cancelled, you may be able to claim on your dog's pet insurance policy.

Our marketing 

You agree that we can publish photos of your dog/s online at this website or social media platforms. We never name or identify your dog with you but be aware if you comment as such on a social media post this may have that effect. If you do not wish us to publish such photos, please write to us or email us to that effect and we will acknowledge receipt. 


Prices depend on your dog's individual requirements and input needed. A rate will be agreed with you.

50% is payable to secure a booking, with the remaining 50% balance due 4 days before arrival. 



We only charge a cancellation fee as follows -

For dog boarding - bookings that are 5 days or more with less than 14 days notice - the full amount is charged.  Bookings of fewer than 5 days, the full amount is charged if cancelled within 72 hours. 

For day care bookings, a cancellation fee of the full amount is charged if less than one weeks notice is given.  

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