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The Dog House Bucks complies with the Data Protection Act as follows:

Website Cookies - 

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. This enables functionality on our site and the opt-ins allow us to understand your interaction with our service. By clicking on accept, you only agree to essential function cookies for the website and can opt-in for the web analytics if you're happy to help us see website stats.

Website forms – 

We DO NOT collect customers contact details online nor take any payment. Instead, we provide the contacts details for The Dog House Bucks for customers to contact us.

Despite not collecting any data at our website, it does have SSL certification, which protects information by data encryption. 

Your contact with The Dog House Bucks – 

Email enquiries – as received to our computer or MAC devices,  protection is provided by respective platform security and anti-virus software.

Telephone numbers and SMS/text messages – These are stored on client information forms and may be stored under your name on our password-protected mobile phone/s so that we can contact you about your dog's care.

Client’s completed Information forms – The Information and consent forms completed by each client of The Dog House Bucks are kept as hardcopies offline in a customer file securely at our premises. These are NOT collected online but rather printed and completed in writing by clients, who provide to us for safekeeping. The Dog House Bucks is obliged to keep some forms by Buckinghamshire Chiltern Council as part of its license compliance. We do not share your data forms with any 3rd party unless required to by law by the authorities.

Your dog’s identity - 

Photographs of client’s dogs – 
Our terms include that we may share photographs of dogs in our care on our website and social media unless otherwise advised by letter or email which we will acknowledge confirming receipt.


We do not name any dog on any internet platform, only initials are used. We will never record a dog’s name on a lead or collar. We do not name clients on any social media platforms or our website unless they by their own action choose to comment on an online post which may or may not identify them as the dog owner. This is entirely the client’s responsibility. 

Client payments – 

These are paid by cash or bank transfer by clients to The Dog House Bucks. We do not take payments over the telephone, nor online, nor do we store any card payment details. Any client bank details taken for refunds are not retained but may be recorded on email or bank platform as received and relies on the respective provider's security software.

Third parties – 

We do not share any data or details with 3rd parties. The exception is when you require us to take your dogs to the groomers, and or we deem it necessary to take your dog/s to a vet practice. Or if we are required in law to do so by the authorities.

3rd party websites – Any websites that linked to by The Dog House Bucks or vice versa will carry it’s own Privacy Policy.

Our contact with you -

We will contact you as necessary when your dog is in our care. We may also contact you from time to time about our services or any spare booking capacity that could be of interest to you unless you put it in writing to us that you do not wish to receive contact unrelated to any of your bookings.

Your rights – 

Data protection regulations provide a number of rights to you as a Data Subject. The Dog House Bucks upholds to those rights and those applicable to the personal information we collect and retain as described above. All data subjects have the right to escalate any concern to the UK Supervisory Authority at the Information Commissioners Office  A detailed explanation of all rights can be found at

Changes to our privacy policy for The Dog House Bucks - 

All updates will be added to this webpage. This was last updated in October 2020.

How to contact us -

If you have any queries in relation to our Privacy Policy, you can reach us as below.

By Email

By telephone
01494 875924

Our address to write to – 

The Dog House Bucks
Green West Road

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