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How to keep your dog warm enough at night

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Would you know if your dog is warm enough at night? During the winter when the temperature can drop below freezing, it is important that your dog is sleeping in suitable conditions. Many people turn off their heating during the night, and may only heat parts of their house during the day. Despite being covered in fur, this could mean that your dog is cold when you are not.

Why do dogs need warmth at night?

Unless kept in outside kennels year round, our domestic dogs are used to a warm home environment. Even then an outside dog may not be used to an exceptionally cold spell. If the floor in the room where your dog sleeps is very cold you should be using a raised bed, or at least a bed with good insulation. If you do not have a raised bed you can place the bed on some large cushions. Have you noticed how a dog will try to burrow under the bed covers, given half the chance?! It's primeval behaviour to make a burrow - dogs often scruffle blankets to make a bed. In the wild, dog packs would naturally sleep together for body warmth. Creating a nest for your dog is essential to enable it to keep warm at night.

Doggy clients at The Dog House Bucks near Beaconsfield, keeping warm this winter

There are many different types of dog beds, some of which are insulated against cold floors. A dog bed with high sides will help to keep draughts off and will keep your dog warmer. Quality brands, such as those sold by Orvis, are expensive, but they are worth the investment. Plastic beds are inexpensive and easy to clean but are hard, so they need to have warm comfortable linings. Old blankets or sheepskins are best placed in a dog bed, rather than on a hard cold floor. Heated dog blankets are another option. These are particularly good for elderly, arthritic or poorly dogs. Look for low voltage blankets with anti-chew cords so they are safe to use.

If the room your dog sleeps in is cold installing an extra plug in radiator to the room where they sleep will help, particularly if your central heating goes off at night. Luckily most of the dogs I know are thoroughly spoilt and snuggle down on their owner’s bed, if not actually in the bed with them. After all a dog on your bed at night is as good as a hot water bottle, if not better!

In the Chiltern District Council Dog Boarding Licensing terms and conditions, it states that dogs should be kept in a room free from draughts with suitable bedding. All dogs who stay with us at The Dog House Bucks enjoy blankets and central heating on sofas and chairs; we do not have outside kennels. We are awarded a 5 star license by the Council for 'at home' dog boarding in Jordans near Beaconsfield.

Best wishes

Jo Bell

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