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About dog licensing 

& 5-stars rating

Buckinghamshire Council - Chiltern area - animal licensing scheme rates The Dog House Bucks as a 5-star facility for dog care in Bucks. The Council has visited our premises and fully vetted our set up. Our track record over the past 15 years contributes to our 5 stars, as does our adherence to Council policy.

The 5-star rating is not the same as a hotel or B&B accommodation rating but  instead refers to the quality of facilities, care and safety for the dogs. For instance, a licensed dog minder must have a certain amount of space per dog, and a secure hazard-free garden free of cages and runs. There must be exercise plans for all guest dogs and records kept. To understand more about the 5-star dog license read Jo's Dog Care Blog.

We always meet a prospective client with dog/s before the first booking. A copy of our 5-star dog license, public liability insurance and First Aid cert will be made available to you. Feel free to contact me for an initial chat over the telephone or by email. 

Take a look inside The Dog House via our Gallery.

The Dog House Bucks Licensed dog minding
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