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Leading the way: shock absorbing dog leads

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Written: July 2020, by Josephine Bell of The Dog House Bucks, expert dog minding services

I know from experience that it can be very exhausting when you have a dog that pulls on the lead, forging ahead, as they do, with the greatest enthusiasm. However, not only can this affect the dog causing it to choke, it can also trigger neck, shoulder, and back problems in the walker. Putting a harness on your dog will help, but not entirely. Some dogs don’t like harnesses and they can be ill-fitting, restricting and uncomfortable. Many dog trainers believe that collars provide better control than a dog harness. Whatever a dog walker's preference, anti-shock leads improve walks for man and his best friend.

How anti-shock leads improve dog walking for man and his best friend
Anti-shock leads change dog walking for the better

Recently two dogs came for the day care at the Dog House Bucks, arriving with what are known as ‘Zero Shock Leads’, or ‘Bungee Leads’. Funnily enough, I had never used one before, but found that these leads definitely made a positive difference. This was due to the shock absorbing component in the centre of the lead, known as soft touch webbing. This acts to cushion the pressure of the straining for both the dog and dog walker. The handles on premium Anti Shock leads are lined with a versatile synthetic rubber called ‘neoprene’. They also have reflective stitching for night time walking and an Accessory-D Ring to which you can attach your keys. Whether you use a collar or harness for your dog, these shock absorbing devices will save discomfort.

The market for anti-Shock dog leads has developed in leaps and bounds into a range of products to suit all needs. The longer anti-shock leads (48 inches) have an additional ‘Traffic Control Handle’, which is located close to the collar to better direct the dog. Also handy for walking two dogs with one hand free is the double lead which clips to both dogs. Waist belts gives you two hands free for walking or running, and feature a pouch for holding items such as a phone and keys. Anti-shock car seat belts for dogs provide extra reassurance during car journeys. These attach onto a harness (recommended in the car) and go straight into the seat belt clip, acting to soften the impact of any sudden breaking, whilst also providing a more comfortable journey for the dog.

There are several brands available online. However, the brands I was introduced are EzyDog Zero Shock leads

Happy, shock-free walking from us dog walking folk at The Dog House Bucks.

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