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Covid guidance for

dog minders & owners

We keep up to date with Government guidance although this not very comprehensive and may be subject to change. The Blue Guidance is worth a read for owners to know what precautions to take against Covid during dog care by 3rd parties. This involves the usual precautions for social distancing though not from dogs! 

During this pandemic, dog boarding at The Dog House Bucks dog offers an affordable alternative to owners who would normally seek a pet sitter to dog mind in their own home with our dog day care, dog boarding, and dog walking. We also offer dog extras such as runs to the groomers and pick up and drop off for walks.


The Dog House Bucks precautions for dog minding during Covid

We recognise that our clients will want to be reassured about sanitation. The Government currently states that there is currently no proof that dogs/pets transmit Covid virus to humans. However, it does recommend wiping the dog down between contact and houses. 


We clean your dog, its lead and collar with eco non-toxic dog-friendly antiviral wet wipes on arrival and departure to ours, and prior to entering your home if dropping off.


We regularly sanitise our hands and our vehicles before and after dog collection and drop-offs.

Notwithstanding our own sanitation measures please note that all our clients are responsible for taking their own precautions. No liability is accepted by The Dog House.

During the Covid pandemic, it will not be possible for owners to enter our home. We will meet clients outside in our front garden or an open space, adhering to social distancing rules as a minimum. When collecting or dropping off dog/s to your home, we will agree on the appropriate safeguards with you.

If you or a family member has tested positive for Covid within 14 days of booking you must advise The Dog House Bucks so that we can consider enhanced precautions and whether the booking is safe to proceed. If the booking has to be cancelled and is outwith our cancellation period, you may be able to claim on your own pet insurance depending on the policy wording. 

At the Dog House Bucks, we limit our exposure to essential errands to safeguard our own health to look after clients' dogs. Rest assured we are doing our best for you at a challenging time. If you have queries please let us know.

Stay safe.

The Dog House Bucks licensed dog minding
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